smart bluetooth pillbox

Healthily never forgetting!

Caring about your medications & supplements.

Memo Health Smart Pillbox is your personal thinking assistant,
smartly reminding and learning whilst you are using it.

smart bluetooth pillbox reminds you to take pills

Leaving home without medications
& supplements is no longer a nuisance.

Memo Health APP instantly flags when Smart Pillbox has been forgotten,
using GPS + bluetooth technology.

misplace reminder

Accidental double-dosing is now
not a concern.

Memo Health smart pillbox has a flashing alert,
offering a personalized medication tracking function.

smart bluetooth pillbox alerts double dose

Always thinking of you!

Memo Health smart pillbox marries with Memo Health APP and its powerful cloud servers
facilitating your medication musts.

smart bluetooth pillbox can be accessed from smartphone.

Tailoring for your daily needs

Bubble packs, 2-compartments cartriges, 4-compartments cartriges
or a 7-day exchange set. Built in flexibility allowing easier management.

smart bluetooth pillbox for weekly exchanging
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